How we assure the quality of our personnel …

We specialize in high quality personnel with genuinely relevant experience and skills targeted at our client’s requirements. Our value proposition has a twofold focus. To specifically identify what human resource is required and provide appropriately experienced and capable personnel. Whether they be short term contractors, permanent placements, or experienced consultants.

To achieve our objectives we need to understand the commercial and operational requirements of your business, and this is where we believe we offer a genuine competitive advantage.

Our team members are all former successful senior executives with the capacity to –

  • Genuinely understand what you require.
  • Contribute to your considerations.
  • Identify the individual skills and personality traits required for a successful placement.

…. thereby allowing you to engage somebody that you can comfortably and confidently welcome into your business.

We maintain a significant eXecutive network and their direct operational and management experience in Commerce, Industry, Supply Chain, Technology and Human Resource places us in a unique position to identify, seek out, and contribute to the success of permanent applicants, contract personnel and senior consultants who can make a valuable contribution to your success.

Effective recruitment is ultimately the lifeblood of every organisation.

There are 2 fundamentals

  1. Know what you need and validate your candidate’s ability to provide it
  2. Identify what they need and validate your ability to provide it

Simple maybe …. but a minefield of perceptions, mixed with facts, undermined or supported by personalities and influenced by a myriad of circumstances.

Perhaps then it is not simple ….. but very complex.

How to make the right decision …

  • Know What You Need
  • Financial
  • Succession Planning
  • Technology
  • Corporate Construct
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Personality & Culture
  • Seniority
  • Remuneration
  • Process

Today’s world of Human Resource offers many and varied potential solutions for your HR requirements. And there is the potential for significant payback in an awareness of all your options.

  • Should you be paying for expensive qualifications long term?
  • Can your need be accommodated with a short term assignment?
  • Do you have a variable requirement?
  • Are contract personnel expensive?

…. or is the real need permanence and commitment to your business goals and aspirations?

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Make sure that your service provider possesses a genuine and detailed knowledge and understanding of your business, the role, and required skills. If you perform an in house recruitment, ensure that your relevant executive managers closely participate in the process and genuinely share responsibility for the result.

Contract personnel enable you to navigate your way through special projects or complement your team in times of need ….. for a day, a week, a month or longer term assignments.

Today’s labour market offers a variety of solutions, and significant benefits can be achieved by an awareness of all options. It is reasonable to assume that the most valuable individual is one employed and managed by you. However there are other considerations…

Please call in for a coffee or request a site visit. Either way we will be grateful for the opportunity to discuss potential solutions.

The First Item on Every Board Meeting Agenda

In early 2018, eXenet established a joint venture with LJM, one of Australia’s leading providers of safety consulting services.

Success with your safety objectives will come first and foremost from a commitment to an appropriate not negotiable culture, instructed and practiced from the top down. And whilst processes can be documented and delegated, culture is a much more demanding task.

Our committed mutual objective with LJM is to ensure that all clients can achieve and provide continuing support to their safety commitments with appropriately trained and skilled personnel.

With the experience and assistance of LJM, eXenet has established technical, personal and experiential guidelines, that dictate our search criteria. Our partnership allows us to not only find those special people that will deliver your desired result, but also play an important role in your ongoing decision making processes. Most importantly processes that will not only achieve required compliance, but also deliver improved profitability and real competitive advantage.

To complement our commitment to your human resource requirements, we utilise the world’s best practice Expr3ss! profiling and benchmarking technology.

Through a unique, proven online system Expr3ss! quickly matches and pinpoints only those applicants and contract personnel with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit required. It’s Australian software, it’s web based, in our opinion it’s the best recruitment software solution for any business, and it works.

We are convinced that our commercial, skills based approach to recruitment, coupled with Expr3ss! capability affords our valued clients the best possible result.

The recruitment process is complex, time consuming and demanding and today’s managers are involved in more tasks than ever before. Many of these tasks relate to activities that while important, should not take up the time of management resource crucial to corporate plans and objectives.

Whether the requirement is to assist in the recruitment process, avoid delays, or achieve a timely result, eXenet has “on call” personnel to pitch in and help with a wide range of administrative and skilled tasks.

The following individual services are all available to you on an hourly basis……
  • Writing Adverts
  • Profiling
  • Assessing Applicant Skills
  • Initial Interviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Report Writing
  • Position Descriptions
  • Reference Checking
  • Salary Benchmarking

Via our On Demand services, we have been assisting clients for more than a decade as and when required. No job is too small, or too complex and there are no minimum charges. The service is totally flexible and designed to afford you total control of the process for both permanent and contract personnel.

Please contact us or
call 02.9487.4442
if you feel we can offer advice or assistance.

If you are seeking longevity and industry knowledge, the roots of eXenet extend back to 1977 when our Managing Director Kevin Daly established eXtraman as one of Australia’s original blue collar contract personnel businesses.

As a result of natural progression eXtraman’s activities morphed into many and varied business models always retaining personnel as a core value.

The Directors of eXenet today bring a wealth of commercial and industrial experience and expertise to the company. From Board positions with some of Australia’s largest national and multi national corporate entities, to the start up and continuing success of one of Australia’s most successful third party logistics organisations.

Your Guarantee of Quality and Performance

Our direct operational and management experience in Commerce, Industry, Supply Chain, Technology and Human Resource place us in a unique position to identify, seek out, and contribute to the success of both permanent applicants and contract personnel who can make a real difference in your business.

We maintain a significant eXecutive network and draw on a select group of its members operating as an advisory panel to ensure our understanding of both your business requirements, and the essential skills of our personnel.


  • Bob Allan
    What we look for in a supplier is an ability to be a true partner in assisting us to achieve our objectives. eXenet permanent and contract personnel have always been of the highest calibre and the broad range of assistance on offer continues to be a valuable asset to Royal Wolf
    Bob Allan
    Managing Director, Royal Wolf, Sydney
  • Kieren Neill
    eXenet understands our business and knows what we are looking for. Put simply, they find results-orientated permanent and contract personnel who want the same things we do. That's why we value them.
    Kieren Neill
    National Operations Manager, Harris Refrigerated Logistics
  • Carl Sachs
    eXenet has always delivered excellent people to our business, whether technical, accounting or sales related. I am constantly surprised by the eXenet quality of service and the time taken to understand our business and company culture. With eXenet we know we will get the right result every time.
    Carl Sachs
    Managing Director, Workplace Access & Safety, Melbourne
  • John Winstanley
    eXenet's methodology resulted in exceptional benefits and created a rewarding relationship with our primary logistics service provider.
    John Winstanley
    former CEO, Australian Wine Society
  • Nandy Nanthivarman
    When the need arises eXenet has always been there for us with sound practical valuable advice and personnel.
    Nandy Nanthivarman
    Director, AirRoad Distribution
  • Barry Mayo
    eXenet contract personnel designed and delivered a customised process combining leadership development, strategic planning, problem solving, action learning, and individual coaching. This produced excellent results and we extended the program for a second year incorporating additional elements around organisational culture and coaching for change.
    Barry Mayo
    former CEO of Harvey World Travel

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