Our Sister Company Business Solve, capitalises on eXenet’s access to exceptionally qualified and experienced personnel to offer a unique range of Turnaround services to distressed organizations.

What Should We Be Looking For?

What should define the search for that manager capable of making a real difference in your business? Particularly if you are reliant on an effective supply chain. 25 years ago when building a national 3PL business, I was privileged to […]

Person, Education, or Skills?

A recent request from a client represented a simple but refreshing point of view. Glenn Munro the CEO of Freight Specialists, a leading and progressive express freight organisation, simply said, “We are urgently in need of several people”. He went […]

Workplace Health and Safety – Process or Culture?

During a discussion about Workplace Health and Safety this morning a colleague recalled a story told to him many years ago that may be real or may be apocryphal, but either way demonstrates in easy to understand terms, the many […]

The Importance of Achieving a Collaborative Culture 

A collaborative supply chain culture is vital, but how do you achieve it? What is culture? Where are the pitfalls? As Sydney’s leading Supply Chain recruiters we are possibly more exposed to potential failure than any other recruitment sector due […]

Removing The Mystery From Supply Chain Recruitment

The 1980’s produced recognition that a company’s supply chain was a vast reservoir of additional profit and improved service. From that time supply chain management has been based on a never ending search for continuous improvement. And its evolution is […]

Pitfalls and Opportunities Associated with Recruitment Advertising

How do you attract great people? Whether you’re advertising or networking you are operating in a super competitive environment. We are constantly surprised by the difficulty clients have in successfully advertising roles when choosing to do their own recruitment. But […]

Recruitment – Technology Vs Human Interaction

In the 21st century it’s easy to be bludgeoned into a false sense of security by the algorithms that drive Artificial Intelligence. After all it can turn on your lights, your air conditioning, your music, and tell you when you’re […]

The Risk Of Succeeding

There are many moments in the life of a business when success, profitability, or even a company’s ability to survive are seriously tested. Perhaps none more so than the transition from Entrepreneurial to Sustainable. That period of time when the […]


Sales and operation dilemma-03.png In 30 years of recruiting we’ve constantly found the most difficult personnel to recruit are quality sales and operations managers. And the fact that they are generally considered to be the lifeblood of successful business accentuates […]

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