Recruitment Services On Demand

Recruitment Services On Demand

  • When is it appropriate to outsource?
  • How do I justify getting an external resource to carry out important internal tasks?

There is no single answer to these questions, because there are many circumstances that influence the response.

There is no doubt that people are by far your most valuable resource. It is people who deliver the best results from your technology. People who achieve the best possible benefits from your workforce. And people who identify and construct the most productive environments, strategically and operationally for your business.

So consider the fact that recruiting these people is perhaps the most important task in your business and ask yourself the following. Do you build your own computers? Design your own stationery? Fight your own legal battles? Train your own managers? It is so important in today’s competitive marketplace to recognise when it is smart to get advice, enlist the assistance of specialist resource, and make use of insourced services. This is not to say that you can’t do it yourself. Perhaps you can, maybe you can’t. All we say is please consider. And we are not saying flick pass the task. Delegate don’t abdicate. Know what you need, delegate it effectively to a qualified resource and measure the results.

The following are all examples of how you can achieve professional profitable results by using our pay as you use capabilities to carry out just a small part of all of your recruitment activities.

Writing Adverts
Simple? Maybe so, but it is possibly the biggest single factor we see in a company’s inability to achieve good results. How many times have you read an employment advertisement and thought “Unfortunately Superman already has a job!” Must have at least one relevant degree. Must have exceptional ability in ….. Must have at least 5 years’ experience in ……. Must have, must have, must have. How many tasks do you have in your business that a really smart individual appropriately skilled and qualified, couldn’t learn in 3 months?
We would rather have the right person, committed, culturally a good fit, capable of acquiring the skills you seek, and pursuing the opportunity you are offering, in preference to the wrong person with the right qualifications. And your advertisement is what is going to tempt them to pick up the phone, or apply on line. A small part of the recruitment process, but very possibly the most important.
We were dragged screaming into the world of profiling and benchmarking years ago. We now strongly believe that it is without doubt one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Our system takes minutes not hours, is on line, easily accessible, economical, and hugely successful. Please refer to our profiling page for relevant information.
Initial Interviews / Skills Assessment
At the risk of offending, do you have the right people in your recruitment process to appropriately assess the skills and personalities of those you are interviewing? You would almost certainly have them somewhere within your organization, but are they involved in those all important “first cut” considerations. We had a desperate cry for help recently from a very frustrated Supply Chain senior executive who said that he is constantly interviewing highly intelligent candidates who just don’t fit his requirements. It is no doubt a mind numbing task to reduce more than 100 to 10, but unfortunately although key word searches may lessen your workload they can’t read between the lines. We can assist. You can still make the most important decisions.
Reference Checking / Report Writing
Reference checking is such a crucial part of the recruitment process. And a 15/20 minute question and answer “interrogation” will not only get your referee offside it won’t give you the answers you need. It is surprising just how much information can be extracted from an engaging conversation with an appropriately skilled and experienced individual.
If you take a decision to carry out your own recruitment there are numerous ways to save time and money by retaining professional resource on an “as required” basis to assist, for both permanent and contract employees. The recruitment decision making process is necessarily complex and time consuming, and it can be enormously distracting for management constantly engulfed in matters of major importance to your business. Nobody other than you should decide who you employ, but acquiring the information that allows you to make appropriately informed decisions can be largely done by others. With the substantial onus of governance, risk and OH&S requirements on operations and human resource management in today’s world, why not delegate the time sapping tasks to others?
We have now been assisting clients for more than a decade on an “as required” basis. No job is too small, or too complex and there are no minimum charges. The process has been exceptionally successful in building our customer base and affording us the opportunity to provide valuable service.

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