Recruitment – Technology Vs Human Interaction

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Recruitment – Technology Vs Human Interaction

In the 21st century it’s easy to be bludgeoned into a false sense of security by the algorithms that drive Artificial Intelligence. After all it can turn on your lights, your air conditioning, your music, and tell you when you’re out of eggs and milk (even order them for you). But can it find your next employee?

Read on to find out.

Maybe I’m old fashioned? I don’t think I am.

  • Can a computer pick out your next best employee?
  • Can a key word search of a resume tell you which candidate will best serve your needs?
  • Can an on-line profiling tool direct you towards your best result?

 Or …

  • Can an experienced human resource manager guarantee their assessment will always produce the desired outcome.

At best the answer to all of the above is maybe …

We’ve been doing this recruitment stuff for long enough to know that all of the above are both relevant and important. But if I had to choose one I’d choose human interaction every time. However all of the others are very important tools to assist in your recruitment process.

If it’s old fashioned to think the following then find me guilty.

My belief is that current trends rely way too much on technology to provide answers. And yes I do understand some of the reasons why this has become the norm. For example –

  • Advertise a good role and await the arrival of 200+ applications. Who has the time?
  • Why pay significant salaries to HR managers so that they can consider the poor credentials of inappropriate candidates?
  • A key word search can provide a guide toward personnel with appropriate experience and skills.
  • A large advert with many words can identify an applicant with most of the skills you desire. But can it find you the best candidate?

Tell me …. would you allow a computer to select your next investment in technology? Or choose the location of your next warehouse? Or where your next major opportunity will come from?

If you question this logic then consider the following. By far and away your most important investment will always be in people …… will you allow a computer to select them?

There is a valid argument that the role of technology in recruitment is to present the best applicants for consideration, but to a large extent this ignores the inability of technology to  assess and qualify the following –

  • The validity of resume content.
  • The candidate’s personality. Face to face, not via an online profile.
  • Their communication skills.
  • Their ability to deliver operational and commercial results.
  • Body language
  • Presentation
  • Passion, commitment, ambition, engagement, influence, etc. etc. etc.

My comments are prompted by a plea for help from a very senior executive of a major national business who commented that he is constantly presented with candidates who have exceptional qualifications, but few of the personal qualities that he is seeking. You may say “But these applicants are then subjected to personal interviews.” But what about the great people who never made it past that first hurdle?

You may have the best product, the best location, the best facilities, the best technology, but unless your environment is very unique, these things will never deliver your objectives without the best people.

And technology alone cannot deliver those personnel.

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