The Importance of Achieving a Collaborative Culture 

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Workplace Health and Safety – Process or Culture?

The Importance of Achieving a Collaborative Culture 

A collaborative supply chain culture is vital, but how do you achieve it?

What is culture?

Where are the pitfalls?

As Sydney’s leading Supply Chain recruiters we are possibly more exposed to potential failure than any other recruitment sector due to our referred personnel being so dependent on the achievements of others. Others who don’t report to them, and in many instances never communicate with them at all.

Collaboration via Communication is the Key

And it is quite possibly one of the most difficult of all management tasks. A task not made easier by the fact that a major percentage of adults see communication as being simple. There are a variety of problems with this point of view –

  • It’s not what our message does to the listener, but what the listener does with our message that determines our success as communicators.
  • Listeners generally interpret messages in ways that make them feel comfortable and secure.
  • When people’s attitudes and work practices are attacked they are likely to defend them, and in the process reinforce them.
  • There is generally a fear of discussing weakness and/or opportunity.
  • Information is all too often used to manipulate rather than improve.
  • There is often a different appreciation of performance and quality.
  • Internal pressures almost always take precedence over external requirements.

How Do You Achieve Collaborative Culture?

A collaborative culture is a not negotiable component of your supply chain success.

Everybody in an organization at every level has to be informed and appropriately engaged to ensure that they recognize the level of importance in their approach and willingness to engage. And also understand that they are a very important component. Professionally engage all personnel and you will have an army of influential ambassadors.

However supply chain excellence is an exceedingly difficult task and there are more than a few hurdles along the way –

It is important to recognise that –

  • A collaborative and collective company mentality is required
  • It’s not a one person job.
  • It’s not a single factor achievement.
  • Everyone “from the board down” has to be on the same page.

Tasks can be documented, instructed, measured and managed. However a culture is more a personality than an identifiable task. And impacting personalities requires a skill set not often found in your average MBA or University Degree.

Where can I get Supply Chain Recruitment Help?

If you see opportunity to improve your supply chain culture or would like additional information please call eXenet on  02.9487.4442 to speak with John Gibney who has decades of very successful experience in guiding many private and public companies to significant collaborative success.

 John is an organisational consultant, researcher, and psychotherapist. He has worked on leadership, research, joint venture and strategic development programs in the USA, China, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and Europe.

His recent work includes the design and implementation of large projects to create new collaborative  organisations, featuring cross-functional teams, task-based authority, and edge-centred leadership. His Corporate Rejuvenation programs are achieving substantial success in creating successful Supply Chains in diverse industry sectors.

He has lectured in a number of post-graduate courses including International Business, Team Development, Change Management, Leadership and Globalisation and Organisational Behaviour (MBS & RMIT).

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