The Risk Of Succeeding

Recruitment – Technology Vs Human Interaction

The Risk Of Succeeding

There are many moments in the life of a business when success, profitability, or even a company’s ability to survive are seriously tested.

Perhaps none more so than the transition from Entrepreneurial to Sustainable.

That period of time when the moment has arrived to –

  • Seriously invest in personnel, resources and capital equipment.
  • Delegate significantly to others.
  • Appreciate and capitalise on engagement, training, incentives, communication etc etc.
  • Daunting as it may be, accept the unavoidable reality that you must conform to Corporate Governance.

You may have started from scratch, or been appointed to a business that has experienced significant growth. But you now recognise that there are things you don’t know. And the saying “Protect me from people who don’t know what they don’t know” should be ever present in our minds.

It is a dangerous path to tread, but recognition of the fundamental influencers can dramatically reduce the risk.

The link below will provide you with a no obligation quick, simple and valuable insight into those factors you must consider to successfully transition from an entrepreneurial to a sustainable business.

Our author John Gibney is an organisational consultant, researcher, and psychotherapist. He has worked on leadership, research, joint venture and strategic development programs in the USA, China, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore and Europe and has provided exceptionally valuable assistance to eXenet in the development of our consultative approach to Personnel Services.

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