What Should We Be Looking For?

Person, Education, or Skills?

What Should We Be Looking For?

What should define the search for that manager capable of making a real difference in your business?

Particularly if you are reliant on an effective supply chain.

25 years ago when building a national 3PL business, I was privileged to spend a week with Mary Gober, at that time and even more so today, someone recognized internationally as one of the most influential business thinkers in the world.

Amongst many other gems of common sense she shared during that week, as a parting gift she wrote in my diary, “By far the most important skill of a manager is to ensure that all personnel are afforded every opportunity to excel”.

In other words someone who will support and nurture the consolidated abilities of all managers and employees to achieve successful outcomes, and ensure that they have all the resources and facilities required. Only then can you realistically anticipate results, rather than having to listen to reasons for failure to achieve them.

It’s no surprise that the best managers often have empty desks. Conversely, the worst managers are easy to spot by their jumbled surroundings. An empty desk signifies that the manager’s objectives reside on the desks of others. Tasks are delegated to individuals more likely or more capable of achieving them.

Education, experience, and skill are vital. But managers who promote the success of others and mentor them to operational and financial success will produce gold for you. Put simplistically, add the word “leader” prominently to your job description.

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