Why Us?

Yes it is easy to say “Please choose us because we are different, we are better”. We stand by that comment and we are very willing to be challenged on it’s veracity.

We do not stand on the principle that we are all professional recruiters. We are however proud of the fact that we are all successful business executives, with several decades of experience in the recruitment process. A combination of experience and acquired skill that we believe will deliver you the best results possible.

The recruitment process is much more than advertising, interviewing, and presenting reports.

In order to appropriately service your requirements, and more importantly your business plans and objectives, we need to –


Understand your Business
What you do, how you do it? What are the important drivers?

All too often the recruitment process is one conducted at arm’s length utilising technology, and key word searches to interpret resumes, instead of appropriate research supported by industry knowledge, and relevant experience.

To find people with a genuine ability to add value to your business, we (your recruiter) can only do so with a genuine understanding of your business process, product, and service offering.


Incorporate your culture as a primary consideration.

It really doesn’t matter if you employ a genius, unless he/she is a genius with a personality and style that will fit with your culture.

And all too often this is way down the list of pre-requisites. Whilst it is a valuable tool, an MBA is not the single most important factor in how to achieve success. There are many others. How to engage and communicate effectively with all stakeholders. How to motivate and drive a team. And most importantly, a fundamental ability to instinctively assist you to grow your business into a profitable vehicle that reflects your commitments and objectives.


Be prepared to spend whatever time necessary.

There is no doubt that a well-worded advert can ensure that you do not have to deal with hundreds of applicants. But is that what you really want? Every “must have” in your application process runs the risk of eliminating that special someone who may not possess the exact skills you would like right now, but could just be the perfect solution one month down the track. We follow a process designed to attract the greatest number of candidates with a broad range of skills and experience. And we are prepared to spend whatever time necessary to appropriately assess them all and find the very best solution. And yes, that often means speaking with 300+ candidates. You can let technology greatly reduce the numbers you have to talk to. But you will lose some gems in the process


Provide you with Recruiters capable of understanding your requirements

The bane of a candidate’s life is dealing with a recruiter ill equipped to appropriately understand their qualifications and skills …… or conversely, be able to effectively communicate the requirements of their prospective employer. All eXenet recruiters are ex senior successful corporate executives, collectively with extensive experience in finance, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, sales & marketing, human resource and technology. This allows them to accurately interpret your candidates value add, and effectively assist in your decision making.


Be able to assist in your decision making

Your first decision is “What do you really need”. Consider the following –

  • Do I need a national executive or a state manager, a supervisor or a manager, a male or a female?
  • Is age important?
  • What is the required personality?
  • How important are academic qualifications?
  • What defines the personality of the candidate best suited to our culture?
  • How important is industry knowledge? Do we really need industry knowledge?
  • How important is specific systems experience?
  • and many more!

These decisions are critical to a good result, and an extremely important part of what you are paying for. Your recruiter must be able to contribute. Whilst very time consuming, finding the right person is generally the easy bit. Defining the search criteria is more difficult.


Add Value

Our quest is to be valued as a true business partner, willing and able to provide a wide range and variety of services from recruitment and contract personnel to specialised services. Our significant experience in national and international business forums affords us the ability to genuinely understand your needs, and our committed objective is first and foremost to establish valuable strategic relationships.

Your Guarantee of Quality and Performance

Our direct operational and management experience in Commerce, Industry, Supply Chain, Technology and Human Resource places us in a unique position to identify, seek out, and contribute to the success of both permanent applicants and contract personnel who can make a real difference in your business. We maintain a significant eXecutive network and draw on a select group of its members operating as an advisory panel to ensure our understanding of both your business requirements, and the essential skills of our personnel.

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